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A meeting of minds

Tim Arnold and Ben Pelchat

Tim Arnold and Ben Pelchat met at the Canadian Music Week conference in 2017. Both fiercely independent artists, their chance meeting sparked a series of creative multimedia ventures supported by The British Council and Music Canada. With a combined output of over 40 albums Tim and Ben have worked as solo artists, songwriters, singers, producers, record label managers and self-managed music creators with a rich cross-Atlantic network of music industry contacts. Tim and Ben formed Atlantic Bridge Management in 2022 to share their expertise and develop the careers of up and coming talent.Tim Arnold Biog | Ben Pelchat Biog

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Nurturing Artists

Over the last decade, Tim and Ben have mentored young music creators on both sides of the Atlantic. With Tim’s work in the UK as founder of Save Soho and Pelchat’s creative hub launched from Toronto’s iconic Kensington Sound Studios, they harness an unbeatable bedrock of experience.


The Creative Well

Mental Health is front and centre for all artists at Atlantic Bridge management, especially for young artists who are navigating the weird and wonderful path between creation and commerce. How this was not a prerequisite for all music management teams in the past remains a mystery, but times have changed, and at Atlantic Bridge, we offer a resource to all our artists with mental health organisation The Creative Well. Our artists can check in whenever they need to, with founder, Nadine Page - a holistic health practitioner who splits her clinic time between the UK and North America.


Atlantic Bridge works with, and supports artists who want to ensure their creative dreams and goals are rooted in the reality of their art, before it becomes commoditised. We build friendships with our artists so they can build relationships with the rest of the world to reach the right audience for them.